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HCI is the place to  find a quality pre-owned monoplace/multiplace hyperbaric chambers that suits your needs & budget.  





HCI President, Mr. Stephen Reimers, has been designing and building hyperbaric chambers since 1969.  He is supported by a large cadre of experienced hyperbaric professionals.  Whatever your hyperbaric equipment needs may be, we believe that we offer a cost-effective solution. Professional society memberships include ASME, NFPA, UHMS, International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine and Aerospace Medical Association.


It is our Mission to facilitate the relocation of any hyperbaric chamber and equipment with solutions &  treat fairly the interests of both buyer and seller. When needed, we provide complete turnkey installations from design through operator training and assist with regulatory issues such as applicable fire and building codes, etc.


We are also a source for locating the hard-to-find: If you need something for your hyperbaric service and you can't find it, contact us, chances are great we may be able to help! 



CALL US TODAY 1-888-683-9509 


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