2 of these are available - check inventory list for details

3 of these are available - check inventory list for details

ETC Bara-Med XD (4)

The ETC units are both efficient & economical:  



(1) 2006 - less than 7000 cycles

(3) 2010 - less than 4500 cycles

ETC Bara-Med Select (34” ID)

Medical Hyperbaric Chamber System

with Smooth Ride computer control system.

Set, mattress and pillow

Call for Price (FOB Mid Atlantic)

ETC Bara-Med (30 inch Dia.)

• The Bara-Med chambers are lay-down style chambers designed to operate with a 100% oxygen environment.





HYOX HTU2 monoplace chamber is pressurized with air and patient breathes pure oxygen through an oral, nasal mask or hood. The compact, external dimensions of the HTU2 are achieved by utilizing a unique hull, door and seating mechanism.

Key Features (call or email for details):

  • Class B rated Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

  • 2.0 ATA max operating pressure rating 

  • Originally built in 1987, Refurbished with

  • new windows in 2007.

  • Rectangular Door that accommodates sliding patient chair.

  • Patient seat slides and extends out of the chamber for easy patient loading and unloading.

  • ergonomically contoured seat - patient sits up during the treatment rather than lying down

  • Large size rectangular (24” x 12”) viewport on the front and two 8” size round viewports the on sides.

  • Space efficient design

  • Fits through standard 3’ door, easy to install

  • Routinely maintained by competent personnel

  • Freshly PM'D $36,500 USD - Lorton, VA

  • AN-433-1




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