• Annual preventive maintenance in the form of single or multi-year contracts

  • Overhaul, relocation and maintenance services for monoplace and multiplace chambers (all manufacturers included)

  • Optional complete systems upgrade(s) executed either in step by step format or all at once, depending on customer preference

  • Orphan chambers also serviced

  • Hyperbaric chamber installation and relocation services provided domestically or internationally

  • Safety Inspection and Evaluations services provided

  • Re-window and seat and seal inspection services provided at customer site or in our shop

  • Fabrication design and shop drawing reviews

  • Operational and Emergency procedures developed for customers as needed

  • Customer service and support provided throughout all phases

  • 6-Month Warranty provided for services by HCI staff Technician, equipment is properly certified and calibrated to NIST standards


RSI is proud to continue support for the expansion of its monoplace chamber field service capabilities to include the 10 year window seat and seal inspection,

required by ASME PVHO-2 for any make or manufacture of chamber system.



This service permits fully code compliant seat and seal inspections that can be performed performed either at our facility or at customer site.

This service protocol is designed to economically efficient to the customer

and to minimize clinic chamber down time.

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